York, England

York was one of the day trips we had in the UK since it was quite near, maybe an hour or 2 away from Nottingham, the area where our aunt lived/where we were staying. The “medieval” city lies within North Yorkshire and England. We weren’t sure what event was happening on the day we went there (May 31st), but when we arrived, there were a lot of people in main city all dressed up in fancy clothes. We weren’t sure if there was because of a horse raising event that time or something else, but whatever event that was, it was so fun seeing people dress up like that and seeing the whole city hyped up.York has quite a lot of historic attractions and activities for a relatively small city, but one of the few places we were able to go to was York Minster, which is one of the largest gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe. The architecture of this cathedral is really beautiful.

We were only able to enter up to the sort of “lobby” of the cathedral since there’s a fee in order to go around inside the main cathedral. We decided not to enter since it was a little pricey for us, considering the little time we had to explore the other parts of the city.IMG_9948 IMG_9954In order to get to York Minster, we passed the famous Lendal Bridge, which was built over the River Ouse of Yorkshire. This river is the 6th longest river in the United Kingdom. The view of the river along with the vintage houses and buildings looks really beautiful and makes me feel like I’m in a different century. Another area we went to was the York Museum Gardens, we weren’t able to go to the actual museum (again) as well since we had to pay for a fee to get in, so we decided to walk around the huge garden area, where you’ll see a lot of people sunbathing, and just chilling in the area since the weather was really good that day.IMG_9940IMG_9967IMG_9960The last area we went to was The Shambles. According to historyofyork.co.uk, the Shambles are the narrow maze-like lanes that make York so interesting. At its heart is the lane actually called the Shambles, arguably the best preserved medieval street in the world. May of the streets here date back to the late fourteenth and fifteenth century. The streets’ compose of different dainty shops, cafes and restaurants that look really cute seeing how they still retain the gothic vibe of their store’s look.IMG_9956IMG_9958IMG_9959 IMG_9957York is such a nice place to go to since the landmarks and museums that are pretty near each other. Exploring small cities is definitely one of the things I will be doing when I go back to Europe again.

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