USA 2016 Trip Part 4

Here’s the final part of my trip! These are just some bits and pieces of the things we did in August and September. September of course was one of my favorites since I was able to celebrate my 21st birthday there (and I was finally able to enter clubs LOL) and it was the month where I was able to watch Drake and Future live!! I’m super thankful that my parents allowed me to extend my trip or even allow me in the first place haha!

But anyway, in case you guys were wondering, this trip was all paid by me. My parents did not give me even a cent for this trip, which I feel really proud of, knowing how all of this was possible through all of my hard work – my online shop and a couple of side jobs.

Here are a couple of pictures from our little “date” at San Francisco. Basically just a chill day around San Francisco’s tourist-y places – Fisherman’s Warf, Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street.

The day after that, Nav, Monica, Lucas and I went to Santa Cruz beach. Another day of just chilling around and food tripping. I love the vibes here and hopefully next time, we’ll ride more of the rides there and play some games.

Around late August, Kanye announced surprise Pop Ups around the US, and since we had nothing to do that day, Navin and I went to San Francisco super early to line up. We ended up lining up for the merch for 6 hours in total, but it was so worth it! Really loving the shirts and sweater I got. We also got to meet really funny people while waiting in line. It was a good day that day.

And one of the last highlights of this trip was of course, Drake and Future’s Summer  Sixteen Tour! We had so much fun, but my feet ended up being dead after LOL. We also copped some merch during the concert. After this, I actually thought of extending another month for Kanye’s concert back in October, but I didn’t anymore since you know… life must go on, and I need to earn money again LOL. Pretty sad but wah, it was such a good summer.

Tell me what you guys thought of this post down in the comments below! I’m really sorry for the late post about this trip, as I’ve been busy with work ever since I arrived back in the Philippines. Feel free to leave some places you think I should visit soon when I visit the US again!

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