USA 2016 Trip Part 2

One of the highlights of my whole trip in the US was the 3-day trip to LA and San Diego with Navin, Lux and Monix. We went to Skyspace, Universal and around Fairfax again. After that we went to San Diego and did some exploring at La Jolla, the Zoo and the Safari. (S/o to Lux, who was driving the whole time lol!)

We left San Jose at around 5am, which made us arrive at LA just in time for brunch. We ate at Roscoe’s which had some bomb chicken and pancakes. After that, we headed straight to our Airbnb place along Korea Town (KBBQ everywhere woo!) just to settle in real quick, and then we went straight to SkySpace right after. I really recommend buying at ticket at SkySpace if ever you’re around LA, as it gives such a nice view of the city. The main thing there was actually going on to the glass slide from the 70th floor, which was such a thrilling experience (but pretty quick tho lol).

A few blocks away from the SkySpace’s building was ‘The Shard’ art exhibit, which we passed by real quick and after that, we went around LA again, had a quick dinner at Shake Shack, and took a couple of pics at LACMA.

On our 2nd day, we went to Universal Studios!! This for me was actually way better than Disneyland (sorry not sorry). The rides were so fun, and the Harry Potter 4D ride was definitely my fave! Hopefully we can go back here again on my next trip here.

There was a point in this trip where we ate an eat all you can KBBQ. I’m not sure if it was the same day as this, but it was the day where we were so tired and hungry to take pictures of anything LOL.

The next day, we went to our hotel in San Diego (only 2 hours from LA). Our plan for that day was to go to the San Diego Zoo, where I got super sunburnt again LOL. It was such a hot day when we went there so it was a little bit hard for us going around the are under the heat… but we still made it through.

The next morning was a pretty chill day. We went to La Jolla Shores, where we kayaked and snorkeled for a good 2 hrs, I think. It was so tiring since I think that’s the first time I went Kayaking, and I was surprised how we did pretty. For the rest of the day, we got a massage and just went around the area.

And on our last day, we met up with Navin’s cousin Robert and her girlfriend, Clare. We had one of the best brunch I ever had at Snooze. I swear their eggs and benedict and pancakes were so good! No regrets waiting in line for an hour for that breakfast lol.

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