USA 2016 Trip Part 1

I know I’m a little behind the blog posts lately, but better late than never LOL. As you’ve all may seen from my posts from last year, I went on a 3-month trip to the US back in June. I was actually supposed to stay only for 1 and a half months, but I decided to extend my stay (Thank you Korean Air for the free flight reschedules!!). This blog post will be divided into 4, so watch out for the coming posts after this.

During my stay, Navin (bf) and his family was kind enough to let me stay at their place in San Jose huhu. So even though I don’t have that much pictures in SJ, that’s where I spent most of my time in Cali.

Just a few days after my arrival, Nav, Lux, Monix, and I went hiking to Alamere Falls. The hiking trip was pretty fun and wasn’t really that hard. I think one of the things that made it a little hard for me was the weather, since it was a little bit chilly/windy there, compared to hiking in some mountains here in the Philippines.

On my first trip to San Francisco, we went around Haight-Ashbury and Mission Dolores Park, where we just chilled, shopped a little and ate some ice cream. It was a pretty short trip, but I loved the little hipster shops we went to. Ugh, SF is really my dream city to live in. The vibe was really fast pace but at the same time so chill.

For our trip in LA, Navin, Bianca (nav’s sister), and I, met up with my college friend, Pizza, who happened to be one of the best friends of Nav (she’s the one who introduced us to each other LOL). It was a pretty long trip going to LA since we rode the bus, which we almost missed btw!! Haha.

Pizza, moved back to LA a little after graduation again, so we stayed at her place during the whole stay. On our first day, we wen’t around Fairfax and bought from Drake’s OVO store, and visited different shops like DASH as well. That night, we also went to LACMA, and Griffith Observatory (no pic above).

The next day, we went to Disneyland! The Cali summer heat was kind of the same as the summer here in the Philippines, but damn did I get sun burned. We only went around for 1 day so it was pretty tiring. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back one day and try out more rides (Space Mountain again and again for sure!).

A few days after our trip to LA, Nav and I went to watch the USA vs China game at Oracle. Pretty exciting cause it’s my first time there and I *think* it was KD’s first time playing at Oracle after announcing that he’ll be playing for the Warriors (which Nav is a die hard fan of lol). Kinda sad though that I wasn’t able to go during the NBA season, but ty to Nav for taking me.

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