Panglao, Bohol 2015

My relatives from Singapore and the UK came by to visit this Decemeber and they took me and my siblings along with them to Bohol! We stayed at the Hennan Resort, which was one of the new resorts built along the area. I really loved our stay there since you can really see how all the facilities are brand new (esp their pools – so nice) and the BUFFET was amazing, so big thumbs up to that. The whole trip was more of a relaxation time for the balik-bayans so we weren’t able to go to a lot of places during the trip (huhu). We were still able to go Island hopping and snorkelling yay. But for the land tour… I guess it would be meant for another trip back (calling all friends who’s game for this pls). Read more to see the few of our many photos.

Round beach towel from The Roundee Island | Bikini Top from Sycamore Swimwear


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