Los Angeles 2016

Here’s a quick video of me, my boyfriend, and friends’ trip to LA last August 9-10. I had a bit of trouble finding clips since I wasn’t able to take that much videos during the trip, so this video doesn’t really do any justice at all on the things we did around LA.

This was actually my 2nd trip to LA during my stay here. The first time I went was in July with my college friend, my boyfriend, and her sister. On this trip to LA, we stayed at an Airbnb place in Korea Town, which was pretty fun since it was near all the places we wanted to go to during our stay. On the first day, we went to Skyspace LA, where we got to slide down on a glass slide from the 70th floor of a building! Pretty scary at first but the slide down was pretty quick and the view from the deck that you get to land on was amazing. Will definitely have to go back here next time and try it at night.

The next few days were meant to just go around places like Fairfax, where we got to go to all these hypebeast shops (lol). This is also where the Rip N’ Dip pop up was from the video in case you were wondering. Near Fairfax was also where Drake’s OVO store was located, where we on our 1st trip, bought some really cool merch from. My one of my favorite part of this trip is going to Universal Studios Hollywood, which surprisingly I enjoyed a little better than Disneyland (we went there on the 1st trip to LA). The 3d ride in Harry Potter World was definitely my favorite there.

Ugh I swear we did a lot more on this trip, so sorry for the lack of video clips lol, but I hope you guys still like it. I can’t wait to go back!!! (I’ll definitely be taking more videos on my future trips next time).

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