London Museum Hopping + Quick Life Update

Hi guys, I’m back!! I’m so sorry that I’ve been such a bad ‘blogger’ for these past few months as my 2nd to the last term of college was such a stressful one. Now that I’m on my Christmas break (YAAAS), I hopfe I can finally start posting in this blog again so fingers crossed to that.

Just to have something to post here while I prepare my coming blog posts, here are some of the photos that I’ve taken in London when my sister and I decided to go museum hopping. So due to our limited days we had back in London, we did our museum hopping in only a span of 2 days, so it was really tiring but then again I had so much fun, I learned so much about their history and and everything so yeah… everything is beautiful I need to go back. Also, the museum hopping was such an adventure since my sister and I explored London just by ourselves so we actually did get lost at some point around the area lol!

Museums: National Gallery Museum, Tate Modern Museum, British Museum,

Natural History Museum, Science Museum


Life Update:

As mentioned, I’m now on my Christmas break, which means next term will be my last term for college so I’m really nervous and very very excited about that. In a few days I’ll be going out of town (hehe ya’ll soon find out where) and hopefully I can make another travel video or maybe outfit posts for that trip soon. Also, I’m currently planning for a huge trip next year so I’m fixing a couple of documents now for that and hopefully everything turns out the way I’d want it to be so pray for me!!

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