January/February Beauty Haul

I can’t believe it’s already March! I don’t even remember most of the things that happened this February. But what I do remember is that I’ve made quite a splurge over the past 2 months (Haha! Opps), but no regrets cause I’ve been loving almost all of them. Most of these are bought abroad for me, but I’m pretty sure you can get them online through shops that buy products in the US & the UK. One local website that I also got some of these items from is from BeautyMNL. I’ve been getting addicted to the products they’ve been selling so you should go check them out. You can also get these items from local sellers on IG, but make sure their items are authentic as I’ve been seeing a lot of fake makeup items sold in divisorias, etc. I mean, you can buy if you want to but sometimes buying fake make up can be dangerous to your skin since you don’t really know what’s in them. But anyway, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more items (hopefully) these next few months since I still need to continue saving up money for summer. And so here are the things that I got recently…

Boxy Makeup Bag from Primark

I didn’t actually buy this this year but might as well include it. I got this last summer in the UK from Primark for I think £5. Aside from my Cath Kidston makeup bag from my previous Make Up Essentials blog post, I keep this bag on my study table along with my other makeup items at home. It’s a pretty cute and spacious makeup bag and the tassle and print just lured me to getting it.

Keep Distance Pouch (Medium) by Halo + Halo

I got this cute Keep Distance Pouch from Beautymnl recently and it’s come pretty handy for storing some of my makeup, especially when I plan on bringing a small bag so I just put all the things I’d be needing for the day in there and I’m good to go. I was pretty disappointed that my brushes didn’t really fit in it but still pretty happy with my purchase. You can check out the other designs they have through the link above.

Makeup Brush Holder (thrifted)

I thrifted this holder from the divisoria but it doesn’t fit really fit all of my brushes so I’m getting another one soon! I like how you can actually use the two ends and place it on your table.

Pro Studio 10-Pc Brush Set by Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives

I got these brushes for sale from BeautyMNL, and I’ve been loving them so much. Their so soft and makes the makeup I use blend easily on my face. They have 2 other brush colors available but I decided to go with the normal black one just to match it with my other makeup tools.

Brush Egg + Sponges (thrifted)

I thrifted these 3 items as well. The brush egg has come in pretty handy in keeping my brushes clean and just basically a good item to keep with you at home. I also got these sponges for my pressed powders since the ones I’ve been using doesn’t come along with them, which can get a little bit hassle when I’m out and about.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

I am obsessed with this contour palette! I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on online so I decided to get one. I really like the color selection of this palette cause it actually fits my skin color very well and I love how it’s so pigmented and easy to blend. When Sephora launched their Philippine website, I was kinda disappointed that there were no Kat Von D items sold yet so really hoping they make these available soon. I also hope that Kat Von D would release this palette in individual shades to make it more travel-friendly.

Ultra Matte and Lippie Stix by Colour Pop

Ultra Matte shades: Tulle and Beeper

Lippie Stix shades: Lumière and Brinx

Finally got a hold of these and I’ve been loving them! Though the lipsticks are fairly cheap ranging around $5 – $7, their quality’s really good and now I really get the hype of these from different youtubers and bloggers. I mostly got these colors since I’m the type who would always wear neutral shades. The shades I found myself using the most is the Brinx lippie stix, which for me is the right dusty taupe shade; and the Tulle ultra matte, which is a warm plum-red. But since my lips are really dry, I found it necessary to use a lip moisturizer/balm before using it. I’m really excited to order more shades and also some highlighters when I visit the states.

Super Shock Cheek by Colourpop

Shade: Electric Slide

This is the only highligher I got from colourpop, which is a light yellowish gold color. I’ve been loving the pigmentation of this and it’s the first time for me to use a highlighter that’s sort of cream based? I don’t really know how to describe it. But I love this and hoping to get the other shades soon.

Pro Decadence Palette Magic by Freedom Makeup London

My aunt from the UK introduced me to Freedom Makeup London and I’m pretty impressed with their collections and especially their prices. They’re only available in the UK I think and I don’t know if they’re already shipping out internationally. This palette is one of the things that I got from them. I like how this nude it comes with both matte and pearl eyeshadows, which is really great for casual days out. Freedom Makeup has been known for providing budget friendly makeup sets especially to for startup makeup artists so I really recommend you getting a couple of products from them if you know anyone in the UK who can get one for you or if you’re travelling there any time soon.

Pro Glow Roar by Freedom Makeup London

I also got this Glow Roar powder, which I usually use for contouring. The 3 shades that it has really goes well together and looks very natural on the skin.

Pro Lipstick Kit: Bare Collection by Freedom Makeup London

Another one from Freedom Makeup London that I got is this nude lipstick set from them, which I heard was one of their best sellers. Though there are some shades that are too pale for me, it’s still a very nice set of nude lipsticks that you can wear everyday, and they’re very affordable since it comes in a box of 5, and costs roughly about Php330 (£5). The shades that I’ve been using the most in this set are Mannequin and Sooner or Later.

Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection

Shade: Warm medium

This concealer has been an essential for me for quite some time now and I’ve probably finished around 2 or 3 bottles already. I think this is only available in the UK as well and I’m really happy I got one again since it’s been sold out most of the time there. One main reason why I’ve been loving this concealer is that it suits my skin tone perfectly and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin when I put it on.

Eye Eraser Concealer and Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline

Shade: Light (eraser concealer)

These concealers have been really great for me as well, but I don’t see myself using it quite as much as the lasting perfection one. The shades I got were really good on as well but it doesn’t really cover up that well for me.

Trichology: Argan Hair Elixir by DAC London

I find it really necessary for me to put on Argan Oil almost everyday since my hair is really really dry and… I just don’t like the feeling and look of it most of the time. I tried on this new Argan oil I found from BeautyMNL and it seems to be doing the job pretty well. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the oil would leak out of the bottle making it a little hassle to bring it around with me.

Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation by MAC

Shade: NC20

I’m not really much of a foundation kind of girl since I always feel like wearing them makes my face too heavy, but ever since I wore this especially for my graduation photo, I liked how it felt light on the skin and I also like how matte it is and how it stays for a long time even if I get a little sweaty in the middle of the day.

Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Shade: Dark Brown

I’m not that into filling or fixing my brows that much cause my eyebrows are super thick and the most that I’ve done to them is threading/waxing them. But since I’ve been getting bothered by the spaces in between my brows recently, especially in the top part, I decided to get a brow pencil finally and I’ve been starting to teach myself on how to fill them in correctly LOL. If you know any tutorials about this, send me links down below please! 😀

Wonder Volume Mascara by Clarins

I got this travel sized wonder volume mascara from my aunt again in the UK and I’ve been really loving it since it’s so travel friendly and it’s just easy pull it out of your bag when you feel like putting some mascara on in middle of the day.

Whipped Spray Lotion (Milk & Honey) by Beauty Bakery

I wasn’t able to take a picture of this, sorry! (click on the title/link to see the prodcut). On days when I don’t wear any make up at all, I would still always want to keep my face fresh throughout the day using moisturizers. Before, I’ve been using the Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Day Cream with SPF15, but since it’s a little pricey for me, I decided to buy this Whipped Spray Lotion through BeautyMNL. I’ve been really loving this since I can feel my face get smoother as I apply it and I noticed how it doesn’t make my face get oily in the middle of the day. I’m excited to try out their other scent, which is the Floral Blossom & Almond one since the one I have now is so refreshing to use and has an amazing scent. Totally recommend.



What do you think about my recent haul? Share me some of the things you’ve been getting online as well!


  1. I’ve been eyeing for that makeup holder too but it’s quite expensive sa mall so lucky you, you got a thrifted one.

    Colourpop is really popular now because it really last long, I should try it soon too. Hahaha! Though I would like to know if it’s super matte in the lips that could look super dry? I do have dry lips kasi.

    Btw, I’m not sure if it’s the same but we do have the Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection here. Do check Metro for this product. 🙂

    1. The ultra matte by colourpop is kinda drying that’s why I usually put moisturizer before putting them on 😀
      And omg I need to look for the Lasting Perfection concealer. Haha thanks!! Will hunt out for these.

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