El Nido 2017

I’m back with another travel video! Sorry for another late post as this trip happened last July (lol). Marielle and I went on a last minute trip to El Nido (she was originally supposed to go with her friend, but her friend couldn’t go last minute so instead of cancelling her trip, she asked me if I’d want to go with her lol!). Our flight was going to Puerto Princesa, and since we had to take a 5-6 hour drive to El Nido from there, we arrived at our hotel at around 12am the next day already, which was pretty tiring since we also had to get up early for our tour that day.

We had 2 full days for the island tours so we took Tour A on the first one, and Tour C on the second.


Small Lagoon

Big Lagoon

Secret Lagoon*

Shimizu Island

7 Commando Beach


Helicopter Island

Matinloc Shrine*

Secret Beach*

Star Beach

Hidden Beach

Our flight was fairly cheap since it was off season, but you do get what you pay for since being off season means the weather isn’t really that good this time of year. On our first day of the tour, it was raining so hard, and we were already drenched before even getting in the boat lol. But luckily, when we were on the way to the 1st island, the rain stopped and the weather was pretty good all throughout our stay. Also note though that the waves were a little bit strong as well during this time of the year, so it was a little bit scary sometimes and it caused us to skip some islands due to the strong winds and waves.

Ahhh Palawan is definitely one of my favorite island here in the PH. Would really recommend going here especially during the summer 🙂 Let me know what you guys think of the video!


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