Bali 2017

Here’s a quick little photo dump on our trip to Bali last July. Sorry for this over due post cause a lot has been going on since we got back lol! (#thehustle)

I think this is one of the first trips, where I wasn’t able to take that much photos and videos, which was pretty sad since we did a lot of cool stuff during the trip. At least that’s one of the reasons for us to go back!

So here was a quick little rundown of our whole trip:

June 8: Flight to Bali, Dinner and Chill at Double Six Beach

June 9: Batuan Temple, Ubud Art Market, Luwak Coffee Plantation

June 10: Chill day at Sunday’s Beach Club

June 1: Chill last day in Bali + Spa!

June 12: Flight to Singapore

June 15: Flight back to Manila

One of the best parts of going to Bali is choosing where to stay. Bali literally has one of the best and affordable villas I’ve seen in Airbnb. If you’re going as a group, renting a villa would be super worth it since most of them already come with free breakfasts, helpers and many more.

The villa we stayed in is along Seminyak since we wanted to be near the hot spots of Bali (Kuta Beach and Ubud). The photos above doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the villa we stayed in. If you’d like to see it up close, view the listing HERE. We were only 6 people (3 couples) staying, we rented a house with 5 rooms lol since we had last minute trouble with people who were supposed to go with us. Wither way, each of us only paid around Php8,000 each, which is a really good price considering the fact that that we stayed there for 4 nights(!!!) and there were very nice helpers who cooked breakfast for us everyday (free breakfast on the 1st day, then we have to pay for the ingredients etc for the following days).

The next day after we arrived, we rented a car with a driver to drive us around the whole day around Ubud. Our first stop was the Badur Temple, which was one of the oldest Balinese Hindu Temple in the country. Next was the Ubud Art Market, where there was so many good finds like clothes and accessories, but buyers beware, always know how to haggle cause you wouldn’t believe the prizes. Last place we went to was the Luwak Coffee Plantation where we had a mini tour and where we were also got to taste the different coffees and chocolates they offered. It was such a good experience since it was a little outside the normal tourist attractions.

On our 2nd to the last & last day, we chilled at Sunday’s Beach Club at Uluwatu, which was located down the steep cliffs of the luxurious villa resort, “The Ungasan”. Since we didn’t stay in that resort, guests had to pay 300,000 Rupiah, which was only P1300 Pesos, in order to access the full beach club. That also included access to towels and a 150,000 Rp. food credit. We were able to make use of the credits during happy hour, which was really worth it.

Sadly, I felt like we weren’t able to do much during our stay in Bali, so for sure we’ll be going back again soon! Please feel free to comment down below some recommendations 🙂

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