12-Hour Layover at Incheon, Korea

Hey, guys! So I haven’t been posting here in a while since I’m still on “vacation” here in the US and I just got pretty lazy to post. So I left the Philippines on July 8 and was supposed to leave here on August 27, but I decided to extend another month (YAY)! So since people I’m here with are starting school again, I’ve got more time to just chill around by myself and I thought maybe this would be a good time to catch up on some blog posts and stuff.

I know this post is way overdue but I wanted to share with you guys my 12-hour layover at Incheon, Korea, which I thought was such a fun experience since it was my first time travelling alone and it was just great to explore things by myself in a foreign place.

I wasn’t a big fan on long layovers but when I was looking for plane tickets, this was the only decent and super cheap flight that was available. At first, I was a little hesitant about booking this flight, so I asked around if getting it would be worth it. Good thing, though, one of my aunts told me that his friend had a long layover at Incheon Korea as well and what he did during the time was he took a free transit tour and was able to go around Seoul. I researched about this and booked the flight with Korean Air asap cause I found out how the transit tour was also okay for tourists without a Korean Visa, which was pretty cool of them. So when I got to the airport, I went to the transit tour desk and joined a 5-hour tour around Seoul.

For the 5-hour transit tour, we had to shell out $10 since lunch would be included in the itinerary (for the 1 and 2-hr tours, it’s entirely free). The first place we went to was Gyeongbok Palace, where we learned a little bit of Korea’s history and how the palaces worked before. We only had a limited time to look around the area since we still had to go out for lunch after and the heat was also unbearable at the time we were there so most of the people were already itching to head out and cool off.

The final place we went to was Isadong Street. This was where we had lunch in a small resto, and some bulgogi, and also met a couple of people, which was a very fun experience. After lunch, we had the time to look around the different shops around Isadong, and I was SO disappointed in myself for not having some money changed cause there were so many shops selling Korean makeup, skincare products and a couple of clothes, which were priced pretty good so hopefully I’d be able to go back there and grab a couple of stuff.

So pretty much my whole layover was totally worth it and I totally get why Incheon Airport is one of the top airports in the world. It has a free shower area, which was so useful after that transit tour. And they had other places like spa room, computer room, an ice rink, etc. Plus they had Auntie Anne’s which served as my snack before my long trip here to the US. I definitely recommend this airport for long layovers and I also recommend flying with Korean Air cause I really loved their service and they actually allow rebooking of flights for free!

Tell me what you guys think about this post and share if you’ve ever had a fun layover or got any tips when visiting Korea 🙂

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