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What’s Inside My Bag: Junior Year Edition

As you all may know, I’ve just finished and passed my last few requirements for school a few days ago, and soooo yay, I’m  done with my Junior year! This school year by far was the most stressful since we just started doing our thesis, and having to deal with other major subjects along with it killed me. But yay, nonetheless, I survived this school year and I’m just waiting for my professors to post my grades up to know if I’m still part of the Dean’s List (fingers crossed!)

But anyway, I’d like to share with you guys my “best friends” during the past school year. These things helped me stay alive and organized in every class and extracurricular activities I attended. I carry quite a lot of things almost every single day and I don’t really know why lol. Hahaha I am such a mom. The bag I mostly used this year is my (slowly dying) Mulberry Bag, which served me well especially through long days in school and commuting.


1. Macbook Pro 13″ – I just realized that I’ve been bringing my laptop to school almost everyday for the past school year. Since my classes now don’t really require taking down notes, and involve more editing and typing, this baby has been in my bag since forever.

2. iPhone 5s – If my phone isn’t on my hand, it’s usually in my bag for safe keeping especially when I’m commuting.

3. ID holder – I got this ID holder from my sister’s clutter a long time ago, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s where I store my school ID, train cards, and my license.

4. La Chance Passe Wallet – I’m a huge fan of big wallets, not because I have a lot of money to put in them, but because it’s a great alternative to a clutch especially when I’m running errands. I love it since it can hold my small scraps of papers, my phone and IDs.

5. Charger Bag – This bag usually contains my laptop charger, phone charger, earphones and hard drive. It keeps my bag organized so that the wires won’t tangle along with my other things.

6. Power bank – Can’t ever leave my house without my power bank cause my phone needs to stay alive all the time.



1. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara – Gotta keep my eyes lashes on fleek lol and I love this mascara since it lasts really long and gives a lot of volume.

2. Vanilla Hand Sanitizer – This cute little gold studded hand sanitizer was a gift from my boyfriend from the States and I just love the smell of it.

3. The Body Shop White Musk – This perfume has been with me for more than a year now, and I swear everyone should invest on these kinds of perfume. A little amount can last for a day and they smell really really good.

4. Baby Lips Lip Balm – One of my go-to lip balms.

5. Mac Lip Balm – And another one haha! You can never have too many lip balms.

6. The Face Shop Face It Lesson 02 Artist Eyelash Curler – My first ever eyelash curler and it really does the job done.

7. Garnier Light Visible Whitening Face Power (02-Natural) – This is my current face powder and I use it after a long commute going to school or to my internship.

8. Dove Go Fresh Body Mist – And since commuting to school and my internship gets me a little sweaty (huhu the worst), I always bring this along with me just to freshen up a little.

9. Clubmaster Sunglasses – Though I don’t use it quite often, these glasses are always in my bag just incase i feel like wearing them or when I feel like my eyes are swollen/dark from lack of sleep especially during long thesis nights.



1. Muji Pens 3.8 and 7.0 + Artliner pen 5.0 – These are my favorite pens especially when writing down notes and reminders. Never been a fan of super thin points.

1. A5 Weekly/Monthly Muji Planner – This has honestly been the longest planner I’ve ever carried. I don’t know if it’s because of the number of things happening this year or what. But I’ve been loving this planner since it looks really clean and simple.

3. Wacom Tablet (Small) – Got this tablet in the UK, where it’s actually cheaper, and this tablet has been a great help in most of my subjects this term.

4. Wacom Pen Tablet – and lastly, this is the pen that comes along with my tablet lol yay


So am I the only one who carries this much stuff in my bag going to school everyday? Haha 🙁

Coming soon on WIMB: My Travel Carry-On

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  1. cee
    3 years ago

    hi, where did you bought the dove body mist? thankee! :*

    1. Franz
      3 years ago

      You can buy it at any grocery store/drug store I think, in their beauty section.

  2. Kate
    3 years ago

    Hello Franz! Where did you get your La Chance Passe wallet?

    1. Franz
      3 years ago

      I got it from a Korean shop online a few years back. Sadly I can’t remember the name of the shop anymore 🙁

  3. sherra chan
    3 years ago

    hahaha don’t worry you are not alone! I carry lots of stuff in my bag too! :p

  4. Abby
    2 years ago

    Hi Franz! I’ve been reading your blog lately and I found this. 🙂 Where did you bought your The Body Shop White Musk? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Franz
      2 years ago

      I believe you can buy it at any Body Shop store in malls! 🙂


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