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School Snack Ideas

One of my goals this year is to get myself used to eating healthy – or at least eat healthier than before. I’ve tried this a couple of times before, but I always lose my streak after a couple of days and end up going back to eating unhealthy food 24/7. Literally guys. So as school is about to start again and summer is getting near (ahem, bikini body, ahem), here are some of the snack that I plan to take with me this term. I decided that bringing snacks to school instead of buying from McDonalds and other tempting food places around Taft every week would not only improve my eating habits, but it will also for sure help me save up money since I’m saving up for a couple of things for this year and next year.

I’d like to point out that I’m not really on any kind of diet. As much as I’d want to lose a couple of fats in some areas of my body, my goal had always been to maintain my weight, since I’m somewhere between skinny and bulky. So along with these snacks, I still plan on taking 3-regular meals a day (and of course some cheat meals in some days) + my regular exercise.


Hummus is my all time favorite ‘healthy’ dip and I usually pair them with carrots. I usually put them in small jars so can easily bring them anywhere.

I usually buy Garlic hummus from Go! Salads, but their Basil hummus and Sun-dried Tomato hummus are a must try as well. If ever you want to try making your own, a lot hummus recipes are available online.


Another thing I love pairing with hummus are tortilla breads. Tortilla breads can be bought in most grocery stores, but I buy mine in French Baker since they have Spinach and Whole-wheat, which I really love.




This snack is one of my favorites because of the cream cheese (lolol). And since it makes me feel full easily, it makes a great alternative for my lunch meals. At times, I would also add tuna spread in substitute of the cream cheese when I feel like it.



Last “snack” that I think is good in times when I would crave french fries, sodas, and the like, is of course water and my personal choice, pineapple juice. I’m trying to prevent myself from drinking too much sodas because sodas before were like my water already and it was becoming too unhealthy for me.

Although I workout regularly, I realized that exercising won’t make me reach my goal of becoming “fit,” if I don’t eat healthy, so I’ve been trying my best to add more vegetables and fruits in my meals one step at a time (since I’ve never been a fan of greens huhu). Feel free to try out these snacks and if you have your own everyday-snack ideas,  please do share them. 🙂 Happy munching!

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