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My Top 10 iPhone Apps

My phone is probably one of the things I can’t live without. If people can’t contact me, it’s either I’m dead (knock on wood) or I’m just out of battery lol! So here are the Top 10 apps that I find myself using in regular basis and they have basically helped me in keeping my life in track cause ya’ll know how I like to keep everything organized.

I don’t really have a lot of apps on my phone but maybe you guys can try out some of these apps too if you don’t have them yet. I won’t be including here my social media apps (facebook, twitter, and instagram) cause I think that’s already a given.

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1. Waze

Manila traffic has been pretty intense, and this app has saved me, my friends and my family a lot less time on the road. The app quickly takes you to your destination to the quickestย route possible and it also shows if there are any accidents or construction on the way. The app also gives your an estimated time of arrival, which I use a lot so that I know what time I’ll leave the house. Another great feature here is that you can send your travel to another waze user and he/she can follow your whole trip (don’t tell your parents HAHA kidding).


2. Spotify

Sorry iTunes, but Spotify really has changed the game for me. I’m currently subscribed to the Premium plan, which I guess is really affordable especially if you’ll be using it almost everyday. I’ve been loving it so much as well since it doesn’t take up that much space on my phone and on my laptop, compared to having to download so much songs that take up so much space for iTunes. Huge thumbs up to this.


3. Gmail

I don’t know with you guys, but if you’re like me who handles a number of e-mails (I have one for school and for my business), I find having the gmail app really organized compared to when having it open at the regular mail app of the iPhone.


4. Google drive

Okay, so I’m a pretty huge fan of Google when it comes to organizing files, etc. I found google drive very useful since college started as it served as a place where my groupmates and I prepare for our research papers, etc. It’s pretty convenient since you can share files easily with other users and you can edit documents at the same time. If you’re also the one who makes notes or reads powerpoints for school exams, etc. This is also another great place for you to store them.


5. Pocket expense

I’ve been really keen about saving money for the past few months cause aside from handling money for my business, I’ve also been trying to save up for a lot of future trips and other gadgets. With this app, I’ve been able to force myself to be a lot more cautious of the things I’m spending on, which is a really good thing. Pocket expense allows you to track your expenses from your bank accounts and wallet as well.


6. Tv show tracker

If you watch a lot of TV series like me, I suggest you download Tv show tracker. I’ve been using this app for years now and what it does is that it alerts you on when your fave TV shows are now up. It also gives you a checklist and a summary on which episode of a series you’re watching.


7. Zomato

For foodies out there who are always in a search for good places to eat, Zomato would come in really handy. I like how it detects your location and shows the nearest restaurants or cafes near you.


8. Clue

For all the girlies out there, I think it’s really good for us to have apps that track our menstrual cycle to see if there are any abnormalities or stuff like that. I love how this app notifies me when my period is near, so I get to prepare myself and avoid unwanted stains, which can be really hassle. This app also has a “Cycle Science” area, which providesย a lot of information about what you experience during your period, and basically information about your body and what it goes through.


9. Vsco

Vsco’s actually the only thing I use when it comes to photo editing. They have quite a nice number of filters and yeah, basically their blog as well is amazing and I love how they have artists featured. I usually visit their site for inspiration on photography and such.


10. Pinterest

Both when I run out and overflow with creative juices, Pinterest is really one of my go to apps. It’s usually my source whenever I feel uninspired, especially when it comes to design. It’s also the place where I sort out pictures and ideas for my business and many other plans.


What apps have you been using recently? Suggest some below!

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  1. Dianne
    2 years ago

    Some of your top 10 are also in my list! Waze comes handy to people like me who’s very bad with directions/locations/geography!! Just like what you mentioned, it’s really convenient because it tells you a lot including construction, fastest route, etc. Never heard about TV show tracker, it looks cool! But I’m not really into watching TV shows these days. I love spotify too, especially because I don’t usually download songs now unlike before. If this would be my list, I’ll just update it a little and add Montano Reader, Note App and CoC on the list.


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