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Inspiration Monday ft. Claire Marshall

Inspiration is one of the things that I’ve been having a hard time finding lately, and think I reached the point in my life where committing to a certain artwork or project tends to become really dragging (drama). So I decided to start “Inspiration Monday” to feature some of the people, things, projects, and places, that inspire me to work hard in order to achieve my goals in the future — from owning and designing a beautiful apartment in San Francisco, to travelling to different cities across Europe, etc.

First I will be featuring is one of my favorite YouTube Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger, Claire Marshall. Omg, I love everything about her – her style, her hair, her apartment, her cat and on top of that, her video editing skills.

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One thing I love about Claire Marshall is her ability to style classic clothing pieces, but still make it look edgy. For those who love wearing muscle tees, plain tops and tank tops and other comfortable outfits, her lookbook is definitely one of the best places to get inspiration from.

Her hair was one of my pegs ever since I started watching her videos, but I just can’t really seem to pull it off (lol so sad). And can I just say, the way she pulls off her tats with any kind of outfit is ugh-mazing. Huhu girl crush.

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HER APARTMENT. Ok. Her apartment is literally goals huhu. I love the urban and grungy feel it has. What caught my eye in her room was the wall on her bedroom, which somewhat reminded me of an old firehouse building like in Princess Diaries. If you watch her videos, you’ll see how she turns her bedroom wall as a backdrop for her outfit posts and photos — ahhhh i love it. And look at the little teepee her cat! So adorable.

Every week (or usually every other week), I really take the time to watch her new videos and get inspiration from the beauty products she uses, her lookbooks, and a bunch of other random videos she posts. The way she edits them really stands out from other YouTubers and makes me wow every time.

Check out Claire Marshall’s YouTube Channel HERE
Disclaimer: Photos are taken from Claire M.’s instagram account. Header picture edited by me.

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