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Mood Board: Summertime Blues

I don’t think I’m a very moody person (Haha! sometimes), but there are really times when I would be in a certain mood that I don’t really know how to explain well, so I’m starting this moodboard series that’s basically a compilation of photos that sums up my mood for the month. I guess this is also a way for me to like “reflect” on the things that I’ve been feeling lately and hopefully would make me think or realize ways on how to overcome bad ones, and to retain the good ones.

This month’s mood board is titled “Summertime blues”, and the colors here are mostly nude tones with a little hint of teal it. Neutral colors has always been a pretty color for me but for this month, I think I would associate it with dullness? basically since I’ve been feeling uninspired and unmotivated lately and literally, you’ll be seeing me in bed most of the time. So yeah, the summer blues has hit me quite early this year maybe because of the free time I’ve been getting lately since most of my classes are done and my OJT is almost over so brain’s getting more free time to worry and panic about life after graduation. Damn it, brain.

So yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been feeling lately and I’m really hoping the next few months would be a lot more fun and lively for me. I’ll definitely try to go out more again and not sulk around worrying about the future and just be **in the now yass**.

What are the images and colors that are part of your month’s mood board? Share them with me in the comments below, and I hope you guys are enjoying your summer more than I am this month ♥♥♥.


Photos are not mine and belong to their respective owners.
Don’t have the link to the original photos since they’re all form tumblr.

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