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Mini Lush Haul

I’ve always been wanting to try Lush’s products but as the stores in the Philippines opened, I figured that buying bath bombs, bubble bars, scrubs, etc. won’t be worth it cause (1) We don’t have a bathtub at home. Hahaha! (2) If ever there is a bathtub around, I wouldn’t want to take a hot/warm bath in the Philippine weather and; (3) The products are a bit overpriced.

Since I got here in the UK, I’ve been seeing lots of Lush stores everywhere. Like literally almost every shopping centre I go to, so I couldn’t help myself and decided to get some items since my aunt has a bathtub at home and warm baths are totally perfect for the weather here. The prices here and in the Philippines are almost the same, but I got them anyway since tourists get VAT refunds at different stores here in the UK (minimum of £35 for Lush to get a refund of 10-20%), so why not.

Check out more details on the items I bought:

1. Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub (£7.75) / 2. Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water (£4.25)IMG_9823
For the 2 non-bath products I bought, I got a face and body scrub, which I was able to test at the store itself. The scrub literally smells like salt and when I tried it on my skin, I really felt a big difference on the softness. The cute blue streaks on the tube looked really cute as well. I wanted to buy the other scrubs as well, but since this is one of their best sellers, I decided to get this one first.

For the Toner water, I’ve used it for a few days now as a settling spray for my make up. I noticed how it keeps my skin moisturized especially since the cold weather here’s making my skin a little dry. Thumbs up for this one.

3. Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (£2.75)

I have yet to try this bubble bar and expecting quite a lot from it since it smells pretty sweet and nice. I’ve been seeing great reviews about this one so I’m pretty excited to use it.

4. Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb (£3.35)

This bath bomb looks really cute (color in the picture is a little different from the actual one sorry!). I like how it goes all different colors in the bath and leaving a citrusy smell in it.

5. Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb (£3.35)

This bath bomb looked really cute as it has gold glitters and streaks on it (not clearly seen in the picture, sorry again haha). It makes the bath have this really striking purple color and a slight cinnamon smell. A little problem with this is that you’d have to rinse off after taking a shower since it stains your skin a little.

6. Big Blue Bath Bomb (£3.35)

I really loved the smell of this bath bomb amongst the other bath bombs in this haul. The smell was quite relaxing and left the bathroom smelling good ’til the next day. This bath bombs contains seaweeds in it, which I guess made it good for the skin, but this is what I found a little bit hard to clean up after taking the bath.

7. Space Girl Bath Bomb (£2.35)

The space girl bath bomb is so far my favorite among the bath bombs. The ombre glittery effect was the one that caught my eye. The effect it has on the bath water and as well as it’s sweet scent is so nice. It also noticeably left my skin really soft after.


Have you guys tried any lush products? Suggest some in the comments section below!

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