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March Wishlist

As I’ve been saving for quite a lot of *exciting* things for the past year, here are a couple of items that have been piling up on my wishlist. These are currently the things that I’ve been sort of obsessing with for a while now but can’t seem to buy yet cause…. priorities. Hopefully soon enough though, I’ll be able to start investing on these items cause they’re all so nice. Huhu tears.

1. Olive Parka Jacket – I’ve been obsessing with earth tones lately and I’ve been in a hunt for a good olive parka jacket that isn’t too thick. I’ve been seeing jackets like this in H&M, but the ones there have fur on its hood. If you know a place where I can get one, please tell me!!

2. Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon – Some of my friends were able to purchase these books in Fully Booked, but every time I go to a branch, it’s always sold out (huhu). I’ve read some of its contents online and the books seems really interesting and motivating especially for people who are interested in arts and design.

3. Horowitz Vegan Leather Backpack – I actually saw this bag in Jenn Im’s lookbooks in YouTube, and I find the bag really nice and I think it will be very useful for travelling and for school. The bag’s sort of pricey so I’ll still have to save up to get this huhu. Right now, the bag’s sold out though so, yay! Hahahaha.

4. Timberland’s Waterproof Nellie Chukka Double Boots – AHH. Currently investing on these boots so that I can add it to my “shoe collection”. I really like the look of these boots and seems that I can pair it with almost anything in my wardrobe. A big plus is that it’s waterproof so I can wear it especially during the rainy season here.

5. Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette – I’ve been recently starting to get into using make-ups and part of my wishlist is this Naked Basics Palette. I’ll probably be getting this before i get Naked 1, 2, 3 since I don’t really use eyeshadow all the time, and the neutral shades in this palette I think would be the only ones I’ll be using if ever get the other Naked palettes, so might as well get this and save up some moolah.

(Illustrations by me)

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