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Life So Far + My April Playlist

I have a love-hate relationship with the month of April since it’s officially summer time, but also the last few weeks of school this term. So I can’t really enjoy the summer quite yet, and still crawling my way through my finals. Lately I’ve been out of the house almost everyday of the week since aside from finishing up some school projects, I’ve also been taking my first design internship at Senator Bam Aquino’s Team/Office (not yet credited for my OJT classes btw but meh), which is pretty fun and a whole new experience for me. I also attended my sister’s high school graduation back in March, and the photo above was shot at the Kalachuchi Area at the high school area. During that time, I was also able to eat the oh-so-famous MC Siomai again after 3 years (YAS). But yeah, anyway, being out and about for the past few weeks, going back and forth from school to the senate, and kinda distracting myself from the stress that the finals week is giving me, here’s a playlist of the songs that I found myself listening to for the past few days when I’m on the train, and just anywhere actually. Click on read more to view and listen to the playlist. Enjoy <3

Oh, and Happy Araw ng Kagitingan! Let us remember all those veterans who fought for our country and countrymen. Wah I can’t wait for this term to end and start travelling already.

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