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Life So Far: August 2015

Not really sure if this month has been that eventful or if it’s because I’m just tired during most of my days this month for no reason. So this month, I’ve been trying to get busy and making the most out of the weeks left of my summer vacation by getting an internship and accepting freelance work, watching TV series while I still have the time, and the like. As much as I hate how school will be starting soon, I can’t wait to just get on with it and fast forward to graduation next year. I have quite a few plans for the following months and I’m really hoping they go as planned. *fingers crossed*

Ps. I am loving my new Macbook skin!! Don’t you?

Marble Macbook Skin by Lauren by Design, Macbook Clear Case by Spectrum Ph, Weekly Planner by Muji

Internship at

I’ve actually started my internship for Megastyle on the last week of July, and I’m quite enjoying it. Megastyle is like the digital counterpart of Mega Magazine so basically my work involves more on layouting and designing their static ads and parts of their online magazines. The people I’m working with are really nice and funny, and I’m glad that I’ve also been learning quite a lot of tips and tricks from them on how the magazine industry works.

Moving to Taft

My sister just got into college in Manila, so having both of us studying around the area, my parents decided to just get us a place to stay there since the traffic and the commute here’s been pretty horrible lately. We’ve already been staying at our condo for around 2 weeks now and I can already tell how convenient it would be to get to class and focus on my classes especially since my classes will start in a few days.

Currently binge watching: Community

I must admit that I’m sorry for judging this series for its first few episodes that I thought were boring. I’m now on Season 3 of Community and it’s so hilarious. I love Abed and Troy.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Recently got my wisdom tooth removed the other day cause it’s been hurting pretty badly a few weeks ago. Right now though, I’m still having a pretty tough time eating (UGH) cause of the swelling and the pain also caused me to have a slight fever the other day. #staystrongself

Senior Year in a few days

Bittersweet feeling that classes will start again in a while since it’ll be the start of our thesis production (cue panic attack) along with other defenses for our other classes. But then again, I’m now on my 2nd to the last term so at the same time, I can’t wait to start with this term and get it over with.

Bogus sellers

Coming from an online seller, it’s pretty embarrassing to say that I’ve been scammed recently through OLX. I don’t even know why I decided to buy there again but ugh. It’s pretty disappointing knowing how people still do this. Like c’mon. When buying online, always make sure you ask for on-hand photos of the product, the courier they’re using, and their mode of payment. It’s better if you know you’re depositing to a savings bank account so it would be easier to track your money and the person receiving it unlike those who useSmart Money or Cash Cards, which do not have any maintaining balance.

Upcoming Bazaars

My shop, Wasteland Manila, will be joining a bazaar its first bazaar this month – Indie Fest 2015 Bazaar at Pergola Mall on August 29 (drop by if you can!). I’ve been selling TPU (transparent rubber) cases recently and it’s been a big hit so I’m really excited. If you know any upcoming bazaars that I can join to, comment them below please! 🙂


So that’s basically all that I’ve got for now for this month. There had been a lot of ups and downs this past few months for me but still staying positive, and keep doing what I gotta do + its my birthday month next month so yay!!

Have a good long weekend everyone! How was your month so far? 🙂

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  1. telle
    2 years ago

    Hi, how did you apply for your intern at megastyle? Is it online?

    1. Franz
      2 years ago

      Yup! You check their website 🙂


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