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It’s another year few new adventures and discoveries. For the past few years, I’m trying my best to stay positive and thankful with everything that life has been throwing at me. This 2015, I hope I’ll still be able to keep myself sane (lol) and hopefully follow my resolutions for this year —

  1. Be able to maintain this blog – After how many tries, I finally got to use my domain. Hopefully this blog would really last and be kept updated (unlike the old ones huhu).
  2. Take more adventures – I need to go out more and get some fresh air.
  3. Save up money – Need to control myself with all those impulse buying and over eating.
  4. Reconnect with people – Before ending 2014, I realized that I’ve been too content with having days alone for myself, and it’s getting a bit unhealthy for me.
  5. Get inspiration; and
  6. Create more – Need to put my journals and sketchbooks back to good use. This also helps me get my mind off of stressful things so…
  7. Get healthy – Get at least an hour/30-mins of exercise everyday + veggies (dun dun dun)
  8. More talking, less tweeting – Because everyone’s been subtweeting too much lately so — “okay, I’ll talk to you about it face-to-face”.
  9. Compliment others more – just because.
  10. Stress less – and not worry on the littlest things too much cause you know what they say, you (your thoughts) are your own worst enemy.

Leaving this quote here as a reminder for you and for myself that things don’t go our way sometimes, and that is A-okay.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

Hope you all have a great year ahead! What are your resolutions this 2015?

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